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Mozart was 5-years-old when he composed his first piece of music. Picasso was 9 when he started painting. I was 12-years-old. My grandmother gave me her old camera and I was addicted. I started as many photographers do... I took photos of everything! Even some things I probably should not have. 

But fast-forward to everyone telling me how they love my photos. So I decided to go on an incredible adventure that is my own business. Despite failing and faltering many times, I am still here. 

That is life isn't it. Learning, loving and growing.

Color: Did you know that there are colors that the human eye cannot perceive? This idea that there is so much more to life than we see or could experience is a wonderful and comforting thought. There is incredible depth to our lives and I love capturing that.

Texture: In photography, texture is the interaction between light and shadow. It is about the penumbra.. the area of a photograph that they both fight for. Much like the powers in our minds that fight over the same space, it is a physical reminder that this is what makes us human; this struggle.

Light: Light is to a photographer what paint is to a painter or stone to a sculptor. Light is imperative to the human race as a source of warmth, comfort and sight. It is so important that God created it first... without light, we wouldn't have anything. I tend to reminisce about that every time I interact with light.

But enough about that, who is Jemily? 

Well, my name is Joan Emily. I was born and raised in Ohio and besides photography, I love to do anything creative and adventurous. I am an avid hiker and explorer and hoping to travel even more. I love to read and a huge film buff. I do not care for cooking, but enjoy baking (maybe because I have a HUGE sweet tooth). I do exercise, but I also love what my friends affectionately call 'sportsball'. Swimming and driving are two of my favorite past times. 

I love being an aunt and sister, so much so that I went out and found some honorary brothers, sisters, nephews and nieces. 

But if you couldn't tell... my faith is everything to me. My identity, His love. My purpose, His light. Mary and the saints guide me every day. And I pray for all of my clients; past, present and future.

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