So you went to a retreat...

...and it may not have changed your life or it may have, but that is not the point. The point is that you showed up. YOU went. You took time out of your busy schedule and made time for something greater. And I know that He truly appreciates what you did. So I am going to give you a gift.

I know that you received a goody bag, but this is the only gift I have to offer you and your family directly. I have been given a talent... a call to capture the beauty around me. Let me share with you what I can. I am offering studio minis in January. I only have 15 spots open on select dates and times. I am going to offer you the first opportunity to sign up before I release this information to the public. Plus a coupon for $50 off the $200 fee for the session.

Fine Print: It is only available for a 30 minute studio mini session and it must be scheduled on one of the slots available. A limited number of portrait sessions are available. You will receive 10-15 digital images. It is only available for those who attended the St. Sebastian's Women's Retreat on October 21st and the Cleveland Catholic Women's Conference on October 21st. This is done by the honor system. So please... be honorable.

Please inquire in the form below.