My name is Joan Emily. I am a Catholic wedding photographer whose adventurous spirit, love of light and artistic vision converge to create stunning visual narratives of love and faith. With a heart fueled by wanderlust, I embark on journeys to capture weddings amidst awe-inspiring landscapes and sacred settings. My keen eye for composition and mastery of light allow me to craft images that not only document the uniting of two souls but also evoke the beauty and significance of the sacrament you are celebrating.

My love affair with light infuses my photography with a mesmerizing quality, whether I am harnessing the soft glow of dawn breaking through a misty forest or the golden hues of sunset casting a romantic glow over a field of wildflowers. As an artist, I approach each wedding as a blank canvass, seeking to weave together moments of true love and goodness into a tapestry of timeless beauty.

With a thirst for exploration and a reverence for the sacred, my photography transcends mere documentation, offering couples a visual testament to the depth and sanctity of their covenant. Through my lens, every image becomes a testament to the divine light that illuminates the journey of your love.

I received my first camera from my Nana when I was 12-years-old.

Jemily is named after her as a thank you.

I love to travel. I learn and read everything I can about this amazing creation that

St. Therese called 'our ship' and how we can use it to traverse life to find out way home.

I have a life goal of hiking all

63 National Parks in my lifetime.

So far, I have been able to hike 4 of them.

I have plans to hike 2 more this year.

My favorite food is cheeseburgers.

I like my chocolate 80% dark or higher.

I drink tea, but hate the taste of coffee.

I love loud, colorful earrings!

The bolder the better.

I collect magnets from all the places I have visited over the years.

My fridge is almost completely full.

Sam & Hannah


jemily couple 2023


"Joanie did an incredible job shooting our July 2023 wedding. She truly went above and beyond. Our wedding was a lot different than we hoped it would be due to Hannah's mom being hospitalized and recovering from a stroke, but Joanie made sure to capture the moments of the day in a beautiful way. She has an incredible eye for color and lighting. Our investment was more than worth it for the photos we received, and it was great to have Joanie share in the joyous celebration of our union. Our families have each marveled at the wedding photos and remarked on how great they are. We will appreciate them for years to come, and we wholeheartedly recommend Joanie to anyone who would like to hire a Catholic photographer that approaches the  Sacraments, Marriage, and the family as a whole with the reverence and joy that they deserve!"