"Children, obey your parents in everything for this pleases the Lord." Colossians 3:20

When I received a message from Carrie saying that their family photos needed updated, I was prepared. This is call I receive quite a bit. It amazes me that we can go years without photos thinking that there will be time later. But, as usual, God's timing is perfect.

We met in downtown Massillon and found many cute little places to take photos, an area between buildings that was recently demolished, the veteran's park with the beautiful fountain, the mural on the wall next to the bank and the top floor of the parking garage all lent themselves to the beautiful golden light that filter through the buildings. But what amazed me about this particular session was the immense joy that was shared by this beautiful family.

This is the first time I took photos of a family with no little kids. While the ability to give instructions and have them follow was easier... I find that my favorite photos are the ones that are not necessarily posed. As always, my favorite is the ones where they are just being themselves with the people they love more than anything!

After wandering around downtown, we had a little light left and decided to head down to St. Mary's in Massillon. I am truly so glad we did. There were a couple of kids hanging out and skateboarding (respectfully) in front of the church and I (respectfully) asked if they could hang out behind the church while we took photos. They were respectful and moved. I tell you this story to encourage you not to be afraid of asking for you want. I had a vision and thankfully, I was able to make that vision come to life by the generosity of a couple of preteens.

I took these photos only to find out 10 days later that Jim (the father) was suffering from a life-threatening infection. So trusting in God's ultimate timing that these photos were taken just in time for him to be present and loving with his family in front of my camera.

Please pray for the Blawas family as they work towards the goal of healing for Jim.

Please pray for Jim that he be given the strength to fight this infection and return home to his family.