In all the years that I have known these two beautiful and amazing souls... I have been waiting for the day when I would get the honor of taking these photos. I imagined how beautiful they would turn out and how much fun we would have taking these photos.

As usual... God took my plans and dreams and turned them into something even more amazing than I could have imagined.

I wanted to take beautiful golden hour photos... but when we started the night, it looked like that was not meant to be. It was cloudy and dull. But, as usual, I decided to make the best of what was given. We started taking photos and they were turning out great (despite the lack of sunshine), but halfway through taking photos, the sun decides to make an appearance. So we take full advantage!

This beautiful fall engagement session included me trying new things like throwing leaves at the couple while taking the photo (see above). And me doing the same old crazy stuff like standing in trees and bushes to get that one excellent shot...

Then it was time for a change from the warm, romantic tones to the classic black. I am truly entertaining the possibility of investing in a changing tent so that my clients can change with privacy. But these two were troopers. After the costume change, we went down to a field where were we could take full advantage of the beautiful fall colors and perfect golden light...

We finished the night with a stunning sunset! After an exciting and beautiful session, we parted ways anticipating the day next year when we would be able to have more fun taking photos!

I cannot wait to shoot these two again next year!

Keep the faith!